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How your old stuff can do good new things

Hope For Those Living on the Street. © Liesl Clark

My Buy Nothing Experiment

By Jeff Wenker It’s easy to explain why The Buy Nothing Project has meant so much to me: Fun. Example: someone on my local Buy Nothing Bainbridge Facebook page asked for a toilet paper roll thingy. I’d just seen a toilet paper roll springy thingy in my Junk Drawer (not to be confused with drawers […]

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Buy Nothing is hyper-local and hyper-logical. © Liesl Clark

The Buy Nothing Project: Our First Month

By Liesl Clark One month into our experiment, we have 1,000 members in our Bainbridge Island group, and nearly 600 members in our 6 other Buy Nothing groups on the West Coast. We’re a community of givers and takers, bonding together to keep good things and good deeds in circulation, passing them on to those […]

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A Buy Nothing Bainbridge member swooning over fresh baked bread she received from a neighbor. © Melisa Lunt

The Buy Nothing Project

In just 3 weeks, an experiment we launched on Facebook has taken off faster than any venture we’ve ever tried. It’s taken us years to find the right combination of technology and community to create a sustainable sharing and caring economy. The new project is  a gift economy based on the simple acts of giving and […]

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Magic Yeti Book Delivery Day in Tsarang © Liesl Clark

Thanking You For Their Books

By Liesl Clark The girls at Tsarang’s ani school want to thank you deeply for the books you’ve donated to our Magic Yeti Library in their beautiful school. This is a well-loved library and put to use each day. Bringing new boxes to the girls is one of my family’s greatest joys and among the […]

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A dried riverbed of trash found outside the beautiful village of Ghami while the water was diverted for a few hours. This garbage waterfall is about 1/4 mile long. © Liesl Clark

Cleaning Up a Himalayan Village

By Liesl Clark The village of Samdzong is so small it took us only 25 minutes to walk around with sacks to pick up the garbage thrown outside people’s homes. Why is this trash found throughout the village? Until recently, all garbage was organic: Shoes were (and many still are) handmade from leather and wool, […]

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IMG_0703 © Liesl Clark

Trash Forwards: Give Your Used Clothing To The Poor

By Liesl Clark “Divide the clothing into 17 piles.” We had brought 4 duffel bags filled with socks, jackets, pants, hats, all the clothing necessary to keep a family warm. What we didn’t anticipate was that the clothing would have to be divided into 17 equal shares. This village has 17 households. To keep it […]

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Batteries © Liesl Clark

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering Batteries

By Liesl Clark The average American has at least 10 batteries in their possession at any given time and throws away 8 batteries per year. Should we recycle batteries? Absolutely, for the mercury and cadmium in our batteries can wreak havoc on the environment. According to the Environmental Health and Safety Organization, “In landfills, heavy […]

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Polyethylene bags can be recycled. These were probably headed toward the recycle bin but ended up on the road and in the bushes.

Plastic Bag Pollution On My Birthday

By Finn Clark Today is my birthday and I’m turning 10. I decided to do a good deed on my birthday, since I’ve been around for 10 years now. It’s a tradition in my family: On each of our birthdays we choose how we give back to our Earth in thanks for the nurturing planet […]

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A Carload of Trash = 2 Weeks' Worth of One School's Waste.

Reducing Waste on Earth Day One School at a Time

By Liesl Clark Schools love Earth Day because it’s a kid-friendly time of year to educate and celebrate Mother Earth while taking stock on how we’re measuring up with our waste footprint. Trash Backwards took the opportunity to audit 2 schools’ waste this week, and the impact of the exercise has huge potential. But it’s […]

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The North Face Store in Downtown Seattle donates used trekking shoes to go to Nepal. Photo © Liesl Clark

Trash Philanthropy

By Liesl Clark Contribute a few dollars to our Trash Philanthropy mission and make a mountain of difference Nepal. Can you really help other people with your trash? Absolutely. We use the word “trash” to denote anything headed to the landfill or incinerator, items people want to discard because that’s the simplest thing to do. […]

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