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Hope For Those Living on the Street. © Liesl Clark

My Buy Nothing Experiment

By Jeff Wenker It’s easy to explain why The Buy Nothing Project has meant so much to me: Fun. Example: someone on my local Buy Nothing Bainbridge Facebook page asked for a toilet paper roll thingy. I’d just seen a toilet paper roll springy thingy in my Junk Drawer (not to be confused with drawers […]

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IMG_9899 © Joy Chan Tappen

From Fence Slat To Fairy House

Dealings With Fairies by Joy T. Tending her fairy house Almost every day, Little Sister asks me why we can’t move back to Florida so she can be with her best friends again.  It has been 3 months since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, and while the rest of the family has adjusted wonderfully well (and […]

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Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.16.15 AM

Spreading the Good(s)

By Liesl Clark Giving is hard to film. There’s nothing less interesting than seeing an item move from one person’s hands into another’s. That doesn’t make a great story. I’ve discovered that the act of giving is really something quite different. This film is an attempt to show how giving is really about spreading the […]

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A Lesson From Gift Giving © Liesl Clark

Even Those With Nothing Can Give

By Jill Hendren Friday night is usually movie night in our household. It’s a nice way to wind down at the end of the week and my girls (ages 7 & 9) look forward to it. Tonight was a bit of a change-up. I was glancing through our Buy Nothing group when I came upon someone’s […]

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Zero Waste Brings Joy to Families  Photo: Liesl Clark

Find Your Local Buy Nothing Group

Find your Buy Nothing Group and Discover the Joy   OK so we aren’t Craigslist yet, but we’re only a few weeks into this project! We have a “give where you live” ethic, so please only join the Buy Nothing community where you live. If there’s no Buy Nothing group in your home community and […]

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A Fairy Bed, Made From Leaves, a Pod, Feathers and a Flower. Photo © Liesl Clark

Just Start The Giving

By Liesl Clark Giving is complicated. There’s a growing perception among many of us that only the “haves” can give, only those who have excess or more than enough can contribute. No one would want what the “have nots” could offer. Wrong. At The Buy Nothing Project, we’re a collection of local gift economies that […]

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© Heather Scott

Little Pop Up Front Porch Free Book Store

Our newest blogger, Heather Scott, has been an active member of the Bainbridge Buy Nothing group since its inception. Last week, she came up with an innovative idea that not only helped make giving away her books fun, it contributed toward building community. Think about using your own front porch as a “Pop Up Freetail […]

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© Emily Groff

Bra To Dust Mask

In the spirit of ingenuity and using what you have, Emily Groff has designed her own bra to dust mask. When we first saw it on our Buy Nothing group, everyone laughed with Emily, seeing the humor in it. But then we saw an igNobel prize was awarded for a bra converted into a gas […]

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365 Days of Giving

By Liesl Clark I started giving at an early age when signs of hoarding and entitlement amongst my siblings and me made my stomach hurt. I was the youngest in a 4-sibling family, and everything that was mine had previously been theirs. I rarely had a thing of my own that hadn’t already been played […]

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The Walker Family’s One Month Buy Nothing Experiment

By Jana Walker We are the Walker family.  A modern day, large, homeschooling family.  Our oldest son, Jordan, is not pictured because he’s out on his own and pictured from left to right back row are identical twins, Brandon and Taylor, Savannah and Cameron.  Front row left to right has Austin, Leilani, identical twin girls […]

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