Zero Waste = More Joy

Reused Jar and Thermos Vases, photo by Airyka Rockefeller

by Liesl Clark

We’d like to introduce a new series of articles, breaking down how to move to a zero waste lifestyle in simple, concrete steps.

Apartment Pantry of Jars, photo by Airyka Rockefeller

But before we get into the how-to, we want to touch on the why.

Why would you want to consume less and produce less waste?

Plastic-Free Personal Care Photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Take your pick of reasons – For the earth, for your children and their children, for your health, for the sake of all life. Many of us have our own motivation, that Big Deal reason we’re aiming to address in our everyday lives: Mindfulness, simplicity, frugality, back-to-basics living, wellness and even spirituality.

Zero Waste in the Outdoors Brings You Closer to the Earth Photo: Liesl Clark

What we want to talk about today are some of the fringe benefits that come along regardless of why you start down this path. There are quite a few, and they vary from person to person, but they can be safely lumped together under one broad category:

More joy.

Zero Waste Brings Joy to Families Photo: Liesl Clark

Zero waste living will bring more joy to you and your family. And that joy spreads and opens doors for new possibilities in your home and out in the environments you grace. Give zero waste living a try and we wager you’ll find more reasons for joy in many forms and spaces. It will also bring simplicity back into your life, and peace.

compost can be beautiful photo by Airyka Rockefeller

We’ll be sharing our zero waste household guide room by room, space by space, in a series of posts at Trash Backwards.

Zero Waste Cupboards Photo: Liesl Clark

And the tips are easy to follow, taking you on a journey through the rooms of homes that are on the path towards zero waste. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and as we change some key behaviors and let go of old habits, we feel free and somehow closer to those who lived on this Earth before us. Take one simple step, like paring down your kitchen sink tools into plastic-free solutions, and you’ll revel in the common-sense of past practices.

My Plastic-Free Kitchen Sink Photo: Liesl Clark

For more immediate gratification, follow us on Pinterest and peruse our boards of zero waste links, and reuse inspiration. They are truly a resource for anyone who wants to get closer to zero waste.

Trash Backwards Pinterest Boards, Photo: Liesl Clark

Please let us know – Is there a vexing item you’d like to do without but that doesn’t seem to have a lower waste alternative? Is there something about zero waste living that just doesn’t make sense to you, something that causes you anxiety? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re looking for simple inspirations for reuse, on the road to zero waste, our Trash Backwards app is for you! Here’s a sampling of some of our ideas:

Click Through For Reuse Inspirations at Trash Backwards

Click Through For Reuse Inspirations at Trash Backwards

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