Trash Hacker: Worn-Out Footwear to Doorstop

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Got an old boot or shoe that’s not fit for passing along to other feet? Turn it into a doorstop. Put a few smooth rocks inside to provide weight, and your footwear will stand strong against breezes, rushing children, frisky pets, or whatever you have working to slam doors in your home.

This boot has a broken zipper that cannot easily be fixed, so we’ve turned the pair into a set of doorstops for my daughters’ rooms – They’re easy to push out of the way when we want to close the doors and hefty enough to stay put when we want them to. When we’re not using them, they visit their working footwear friends in the closet and look right at home there.

Looking for more boot reuses? Please visit our Trash Backwards app where you can input any item and find a reuse for it!

Click Through for Boot Reuses at Trash Backwards

Click Through for Boot Reuses at Trash Backwards

What good reuses for old shoes have you got? Have your reused something different as a doorstop? Please let us know – We’d love to share your ideas and photos, too!

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4 Comments on “Trash Hacker: Worn-Out Footwear to Doorstop”

  1. February 25, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    Ah I wish I’d thought of this before I bought one!


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