Trash Hacker: Plastic Bottle Bicycle Horn

Have an old bicycle horn that just doesn’t work anymore? Never fear, the rickshaw drivers of Kathmandu have an easy trash hack for you: Use a plastic bottle as your squeezer. Any plastic bottle will do. From toilet bowl cleaner bottles to Fanta, as long as it’s plastic and squeezable, your horn will toot once more.

Plastic Bottles Have a Second Life as Rickshaw Horns on the Streets of Kathmandu

Squeezable Plastic Bottles Make Great Traffic Honks in Kathmandu

For the full audio-visual experience, watch this movie (you can fast forward to 5:30) and jam with the rickshaw guys.

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One Comment on “Trash Hacker: Plastic Bottle Bicycle Horn”

  1. T.j's Recycling
    July 23, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    We at designertrash love plastic bottle recycling. We turn an ordinary plastic bottle into bracelets using the middle part(the label). the bottom we make gift holders

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