DIY Busters: Toothbrush Bracelet? Ugly

Not the Prettiest Bracelet, Made from a Toothbrush, Photo: Liesl Clark

By Liesl Clark

We tried to find a fashionable reuse for our old toothbrushes and failed. Perhaps the idea of a plastic wraparound bracelet in the shape of a toothbrush is fundamentally flawed fashionably in the first place. Forget about it. We’ve tried to make one, following the directions on most websites and found that you truly need to use the perfect toothbrush for your melting efforts in the first place. We tried two different brands and failed. How much boiling of plastics do we need to do before we land on the optimal jewelers’ material?

If you try to make one yourself and succeed, please share with us which brand you used and send in a photo. Here’s our experiment-turned-ugly-upcycle as proof:

Step 1: De-Bristle Your Brush, Photo: Liesl Clark

Step 2: Boil Your Brush for 10-15 Minutes, Photo: Liesl Clark

Step 3: Bend the brush with needle nose pliers to your liking. This was the disappointment phase for us, as our brushes just wouldn’t bend to the shape we wanted. They kept bouncing back, no matter how long we boiled.

Not the Prettiest Bracelet, Made from a Toothbrush, Photo: Liesl Clark

Have you had better luck with this toothbrush reuse DIY? We’d love to hear from you – Please share your tips, tricks, and photos if you’ve managed to make an old toothbrush into a beautiful new bracelet (no fair buying new toothbrushes; that defeats the whole reduce-reuse angle). We’d love to discover that we’re mistaken, and that the many used plastic toothbrushes floating around the world now could be adorning our wrists, instead.

If you’re looking for other great ways to make jewelry from everyday items, please visit our Trash Backwards app for further inspiration.

Jewelry Made From Everyday Items at App.TrashBackwards,com


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