Fix It: Plastic Wheelbarrow

Plastic Wheelbarrow Repaired With a Little Stitching, Photo: Liesl Clark

By Liesl Clark

I bought a plastic wheelbarrow and regretted it much later. So much for the “plastic lasts forever” theory. Yes, it lasts forever, but it cracks in the interim, into smaller and smaller pieces. That was the fate of our deep Ace Hardware wheelbarrow that’s been this homestead’s workhorse for some 4 years now. We’ve had to replace the wheel once already. You can do that at Ace, amazingly, as they have parts ready to purchase for their wheelbarrows, but I doubt they’d have a new tub for us to replace. I thought we’d have to trash the whole molded black plastic thing, and then our friend, Ang Temba Sherpa from Nepal came to the rescue. He stitched it!

Wheelbarrow Sew-up, Photo: Liesl Clark

Yep, the fix was a mend via wire stitching, using a thin drill bit to make small holes for threading the wire along the crack. It’s a beautiful thing to behold, somewhat like the stitch-up of the plastic plant pot I spotted in Tsarang, Upper Mustang, Nepal on our last trip there. Why don’t we mend our plastics in this country like the Nepali’s do?

Backside stitches closeup, Photo: Liesl Clark

Interested in wheelbarrow reuse ideas, in case yours finally poops out? Please visit our Trash Backwards app, the tool to help you reduce, reuse and recycle just about everything.

Wheelbarrow Reuse Ideas at

And if you have some plastic goods in need of a few Fix-It stitches? Please let us know how your repairs turn out – We’d love to see your work!

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