The Watering Can Tree

In our veggie garden there’s a tree we use to store tools, hoses, and now watering cans. Gone are the days of searching the property for that watering can as we finally have a few hooks and a home right in the garden for the much-needed tools of summertime dousing for seedlings and transplants. And, truth be told, we also had a few defunct old cans that no longer work. The metal rotted out on the bottom and even a soldering iron won’t repair them. So, what to do with those old cans? Use ’em for decoration!

Watering Pot Tree Photo by Liesl Clark

We liked the idea of having a watering can tree so much, the kids found their own small watering cans from their old beach toy supplies and hung them up, too. The children now help with the watering each late summer eve and we enjoy the ever-changing garden growth together.

Wateringpottree2 photo by Liesl Clark

What do you do with your old watering cans? Do you have a summer garden smart solution to share?

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