Trash Hacker: Empty Bottle Hose Guard

Empty Bottle Hose Guard In Action photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Tired of garden hoses squishing your squash? Drink your way to a trash hack solution.

DIY Empty Bottle Hose Guard Materials

What you’ll need:

  • 1 empty wine or large beer, sparkling water, or soda bottle.
  • 1 sturdy stick, twice the length of your bottle. Pick a stick strong enough to hold its ground under pressure from a garden hose. I used bamboo from my neighbor’s yard – They were only too happy to share some of their invasive bamboo forest
  • Pruning shears and/or a hand saw.

Trim a Sturdy Stick to Fit the Bottle photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

Trim all small side branches off the sturdy stick so that it will fit inside the bottle.

Hose Guard Ready for the Ground photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

Insert stick in bottle.

Push the Hose Guard Into Place photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

Push bottle and stick down into soil wherever you’d like to keep your garden hose away from your plants; for the best results, push the neck of the bottle into the soil a bit, so both bottle and stick are well and truly seated in the ground.

Empty Bottle Hose Guard Hard at Work photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

Water at will, secure in the knowledge that your plants are safe from wayward hoses. When the hose rolls along the side of the guard, the bottle will spin, taking some pressure off the stick. Mine makes a lovely musical clinking as the bottle spins, to boot.

Replace stick as necessary, tossing soft wood into your compost pile or municipal yard waste bin.

Is your garden already protected with DIY hose guards from reused materials? We’d love to know what you used – Please share your tips below and post photo to our Trash Backwards Facebook wall.

And if you’re looking for some more fabulous wine bottle reuses, please visit our Trash Backwards app where we have reuses for everything in your home.

Click Through for More Wine Bottle Reuses

Click Through for More Wine Bottle Reuses

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