Reuse Your Rubber Bands

Rubber Band Ball and Jar Opener photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Remember rubber band balls? Now’s a perfect time to bring them bouncing back into style.

Do you come across rubber bands each week, maybe even each and every day? We don’t come across quite as many as the Royal Mail uses in a year (they go through 2 million per day), but we seem to collect more every time we leave the house, now that we know we’re guaranteed to find them on the ground in all of our local parking lots, as well as wrapped around some produce at the grocery store, and sometimes around the bundles in our mail box.

Enter our trusty rubber band ball. We add to it, we subtract from it, we use it as the holding place for all the rubber bands that enter our home.  My kids love to play with it (it bounces in a lovely slightly unpredictable way), and I can easily rinse it clean before I stick it back into its hiding place on my kitchen counter.  A desk might be more traditional, but the kitchen is the center of my home, and provides as easy central location for the rubber bands that we use for all sorts of projects.

My personal favorite reuse of the wide produce rubber bands is: Got a stubborn jar lid that just won’t budge? Are your hands a bit wet from cooking, and unable to open a jar of ingredients? Snap a wide rubber band around the jar’s lid, twist, and voila! An open jar, just like that. Wrap the rubber band back around your rubber band ball and you’ll have it handy for many more stuck lids.

What’s your favorite rubber band reuse?

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One Comment on “Reuse Your Rubber Bands”

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