Trash Hacker: Beach Ball Sprinkler

By Liesl Clark

Have a beach ball that has a few too many holes in it for repair? We had 2 fail on us this summer and one became a beach ball beach tote while the other was transformed into a fun sprinkler for a hot summer day. The steps are quite easy:

1) Cut off the nozzle and that should leave a hole big enough to fit over a hose.

2) Fit the hose end into the hole-in-the-ball and hose clamp it down securely.

Hose Clamp It, Photo © Liesl Clark

3) Poke some holes with a thin nail into the ball in a pattern you’d like to see when the water is forcing its way through that PVC.

4) Turn the water on and let it rip! Um, I mean, don’t let the ball rip but watch the fun sprinkles coming out of the tiny holes in the ball and let the kids jump around!

Beach Ball Sprinkler Photo © Liesl Clark

Please note that the thicker the ball, the longer it will last. Otherwise, your sprinkler fun will be only momentary, but be sure to capture it on film. Then, let us know if you have any beach ball trash hacks you can contribute to our growing list of beach ball transformations.

Looking for some more DIY sprinkler ideas? Check out our Trash Backwards app, where all things under the sun are given reduce, reuse, and recycle solutions:

Click Through for DIY Sprinkler Ideas at Trash Backwards

Click Through for DIY Sprinkler Ideas at Trash Backwards

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