Buy Glue in Bulk

By Liesl Clark

The start of school is just around the corner and it’s time for many families and classrooms to stock up on supplies. In our family, glue is used at an alarming rate and after purchasing 8-10 small plastic glue bottles in the course of a year, it became clear that I needed to find a better solution.

Buy Glue in Bulk, Photo © Liesl Clark

Buy glue in bulk! I ran out and purchased a gallon of glue at our local hardware store and now refill our 2 little bottles every so often. That gallon has lasted so much longer than I thought it would and there’s been no waste of the multiple little 5 fl. oz. (and less) bottles! The 5 fl. oz bottles cost nearly $3.00 and the gallon jug costs $15.00. It’s a huge savings to buy bulk. The gallon jug, furthermore, is recyclable where we live. Problem solved.

What school supply tips do you have to help us reduce our impact?

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