Denim Reuse at the County Fair

by Rebecca Rockefeller

We visited our County Fair last week and stumbled upon three great reuses for old jeans. Each of these would be just as useful in homes, classrooms, and barns year-round.

Toddler Jeans Hold Signs Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Use a pair of toddler jeans to hold signs. We found a row of these in the horse barn, where each held signs explaining where the residents of empty stalls were. If you stitched the bottom of each leg closed, you’d have handy wall storage for small stuffed animals, clothing, or any number of items that you’d rather not see on the floor.

Jeans Pockets Can Hold Treasures Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Turn the pockets of your jeans into holders for informational cards or treasures of all sorts. We found these on another row of horse stalls, where they were stapled to burlap-covered name boards. I think these would be perfect to hold name cards in a classroom, chore cards at home, or other small and important papers or treasures.

Jeans Make Perfect Feed Bags for Stalls Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Transform a pair of adult jeans into a washable feed bag for livestock:

  • Cut each leg open along its inseam.
  • Cut legs to your desired length.
  • Stitch them together along the bottom and up the inseams, joining the two legs and leaving the waist open.
  • Cut a hole in the bottom corner of each leg, large enough for the mouths of the animals you’re feeding. You can hem the openings or let them fray, as you like.
  • Tie the jeans bag to your stall’s wall using rope through the belt loops, and stuff tasty grub in through the waistband.

Looking for more denim reuses? We have hundreds for you in our Trash Backwards app. Just input “Denim” or “Blue Jeans” as your item and you’ll see great reuse ideas there. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll see:

Click Through For Denim Reuse Ideas at Trash Backwards

Click Through For Denim Reuse Ideas at Trash Backwards

Do you have denim reuse ideas from your own home, classroom, or barn?

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