Old Chopsticks = New Knitting Needles

Chopstick Knitting Needles photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Got an extra pair of chopsticks? Don’t toss ’em out.

Winter is coming here in the northern hemisphere – Why not use those chopsticks to knit up a warm scarf?

  • Clean your chopsticks. The next time you go out to eat and find a pair of “single-use” wooden chopsticks at your place, don’t leave them to be sent to the landfill; bring ’em home for a long life (check out 50 ways to reuse them here at Networx).
  • If you have a fancy lacquered pair that’s starting to peel or split, repair them with a few dabs of (toluene- and formaldehyde-free) nail polish.

Nail Polish Repairs Lacquer Cracks photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

  • If your chopsticks are made of raw wood, you can use some oil or even a piece of waxed paper to fill in their grooves a bit and smooth everything out.
  • Let your chopstick knitting needles dry.
  • Wondering what size your new needles are? Check them in a needle gauge or compare them to the measurements and gauges listed here at Make.
  • Not a knitter yet? Check out the video tutorials at KnittingHelp.com. They’re free and easy to play over and over again as you follow along.  I recommend learning Continental knitting right from the beginning; that’s the method I was taught, and it’s quite simple.

Knit with Old Chopsticks photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Have you turned chopsticks into knitting needles? We’d love to see how your pair turned out, and what you’ve used them to create.

If you’re looking for more chopstick reuses, don’t hesitate to visit our Trash Backwards app with reuses for every item in your home.

Click Through For Chopstick Reuses

Click Through For Chopstick Reuses

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