Art App Powered by Trash Backwards

By Liesl Clark

Little known fact of the day: The first thing we did when we formed our company, Trash Backwards, was to create a mini art app featuring the plastic we recovered from local beaches. It’s a permanent reminder that colorful everyday plastics are an indelible part of our beachscapes.

The Plastic We See

These art pieces are the foundation stones for the architecture of a virtual skyscraper of information we’ve built over the past year about all things plastic: How to reduce our use of them, how to reuse them, fix them, and as a last resort recycle them. The panels of art featured in the mini art app sprung from our 2 years of citizen scientist work, two moms and their children who “see plastic.”

It’s true, I see plastic much in the same way as the little boy in the famous scene with Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense admits, “I see dead people.”

We see plastic and can’t stop this sixth sense, an accursed visual power, from happening. Every trip outdoors reveals some form of plastic. I challenge myself in even the most remote parts of the planet to come up empty-handed on a given journey into the wilds. We stumble upon plastics by the shore, our roadside ditches, on sidewalks, on local trails, in National Parks, in our chicken yard, in the organic compost delivered by truck, in our cat’s litter box, 3 feet underground in our backyard, in raccoon feces, in the branches of trees, and even floating down the rivers in the remotest Himalaya. I’d love to not see plastics, but they’re there, and they come from us all, simply because they exist, are buoyant, float upon our waters, and will never go away.

If you like what you see in our art, please share it. But if you don’t like it, then come to our Trash Backwards Web app where we give you the best solutions we can think of to keep the plastics we see from polluting our world.

Click Through to View Innovative Ways to Stop Plastic Pollution at Its Source

Click Through to View Innovative Ways to Stop Plastic Pollution at It’s Source

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