15 Uses For Berry Baskets

By Liesl Clark

Berry Baskets. Photo © Liesl Clark

Berry Baskets. Photo © Liesl Clark

It’s strawberry season and most stores will stock their beautiful berries in plastic mesh berry baskets. Where we live, they aren’t recyclable, so we have to get creative if we don’t want to send them to the landfill. Here are 15 uses for your berry baskets:

1) Give your berry baskets to a farmer. If you collect a stack of them, take them to your local farmer’s market and pass them on to a farmer who can reuse them.

2) Use them to hold things under your sink, like sink plugs and spare sponges.

3) Glittery snowflake ornaments are really easy to make from berry baskets.

4) By weaving pretty ribbon into the berry baskets, you can make beautiful children’s Easter baskets.

5) For the Fourth of July, make a red, white, and blue-berry basket.

6) Use clay to play doh to create an artsy box to hold things.

7-15) Check out our first article on the subject of berry packaging and you’ll find 9 more uses for berry baskets, including some great garden uses.

Still looking for more uses? Visit our Trash Backwards app:

Click Through For Berry Basket Uses at Trash Backwards

Click Through For Berry Basket Uses at Trash Backwards

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2 Comments on “15 Uses For Berry Baskets”

  1. plumbsly
    July 10, 2016 at 2:48 pm #

    decorate them for halloween to put treats, small toys as rings, whistle etc in them, line them with a colorful paper napkin for a party, and put treats in them cookies, candies or small school supplies etc, make one for each place setting with names ont them.


  1. Plastic Mesh Produce Baskets | Trash Backwards - May 6, 2013

    […] for more reduce, reuse, recycle ideas for your produce baskets? First, visit our post outlining 15 uses for your berry baskets, then check out our Trash Backwards app where you can type in any item and get a reuse idea along […]

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