40 Ideas For An Upcycled Summer Party

By Liesl Clark

Outdoor Party Decor:

Backyard Bunting

Backyard Bunting

1) No Sew Bunting: Here’s an easy outdoor no sew bunting for a flutter at the party.

2) Leaf Coasters For Your Party: In the theme of the outdoors, use leaf coasters so wow your guests. Cheap, pretty.

3) Wine Glass Candle Lamps: Have some etched wine glasses? Save them to use as outdoor candle lamps.

4) Soda Can Candle Lanterns: Here’s a DIY for lighting up your party with soda can lanterns.

5) Candle Cozies: Upcycle old jars, wool sweaters and socks into colorful candle cozies.

6) Mason Jar Tissue Tea Lights: These are gorgeous and easy to make.

7) Make a Pretty Fabric Bunting: Outdoor parties flutter with fabric buntings.

8) Pool Noodle Decor: Pool noodle flower buntings look nice hanging in the wind but can also float freely in the pool.

9) Watercolor Jar Centerpiece: These beautiful watercolor jars are fun to make and glow gorgeous colors at night.

10) Upside Down Bottle Vases: A great reuse for plastic bottles to add flowers to the mix.

11) Liquor Bottle String Lights: Save up your smaller liquor bottles for these fun lights.

12) Chip Bag Party Tassels: There are always chip bags to be repurposed and these party tassels are cool.

13) Impromptu plastic bottle hanging vases: quick and easy.

14) Mason Jar Floating Candles: Floating candles are beguiling. Try these in mason jars.

15) Baseball Wreath: Get into the spirit of the season by making a baseball wreath as a centerpiece for your party.

16) Coffee Filter Flowers: Pretty up your party with these easy to make coffee filter flowers.

17) Mason Jar Hanging Tea Lights: You have to click through to see how beautiful these are.

18) TP Roll Blooms: If you just don’t have any flowers, make some of these toilet paper roll blooms for color.

19) Tin Can Totems: The ultimate yard art.

Drinks and Glass ID-ing:

20) Wine Glass ID-ing: If you have a collection of odd wine glasses, dip ’em in chalk paint and write your guests’ names on them for easy reusable ID’ing.

21) Silicone Awareness Bracelet ID Reuse: Save up those annoying silicone awareness bracelets and use them as drink IDs so no one gets confused.

22) Red Solo Cups: They aren’t recyclable but they’re reusable. If you need a good laugh, check out this video for some reuse ideas.

23) Upcycle Those Red Party Cups: When you’re done with them, then turn your red party cups into jewelry.

24) Plastic Cup String Light Upcycle: Turn your unrecycleble plastic party cups into beautiful string lights.

25) Cup Sphere: What? When you’re done with the party, make a cool cup sphere as decor for the next one.

26) Tin Can Wine Rack: Make a cool tin can wine rack to hold your bottles.


Outdoor partying by the grill © Liesl Clark

Outdoor partying by the grill © Liesl Clark

27) Choose from one of these 10 DIY upcycled fire pits.

28) Popcorn for a Crowd: Here’s a fool-proof recipe to please a hungry crown with a 5,000 year old zero waste snack.

Give popcorn a try in place of chips - Less waste and it makes better confetti when your team wins. Photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Give popcorn a try in place of chips – Less waste and it makes better confetti when your team wins. Photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

29) Pretty Shelf Display for Desserts: Here’s some inspiration for displaying your desserts on a pretty shelf.

30) Fountain Cooler: Repurpose an old fountain into a cooler for drinks.

31) Salad grilled on a pizza: Really, it’s excellent.

IMG_5161 photo © Liesl Clark

32) Plastic Free Ice Pops: Reuse jars and popsicle sticks for these plastic free pops.

Things To Do:

33) Beach Party Cleanup Art: Having a party at the beach? Clean up all the plastics on the beach and have your guests turn it into art. Educational and enlightening.

cu redorange

34) Golf Tee Carnival Game: Squirt the golf ball off the Tee. Tons of fun.

35) DIY Sprinkler From a Plastic Bottle: If you don’t have a sprinkler for the kids to enjoy, try making your own.

36) Beach Ball Sprinkler: We made this one and the kids had fun for hours.

37) Lawn Jenga: Try your hand at a crazy fun game of lawn jenga with scrap wood.

Fireworks Alternatives:

38) Fireworks in a Jar: Mix up your own micro fireworks in a jar for the family to enjoy.

39) Toilet Paper Tube Noise Free Fire Work: This one’s fun for the kids and really cute.

40) Finally, be sure to follow these 10 steps to have a low waste party.

Find more ideas on our Trash Backwards app:

Click Through For Environmentally-Friendly Party & Gift Ideas at Trash Backwards

Click Through For Environmentally-Friendly Party & Gift Ideas at Trash Backwards

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2 Comments on “40 Ideas For An Upcycled Summer Party”

  1. July 3, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Amazing ideas!! This post is definitely a keeper.

  2. July 3, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    Thanks Crafty Madre. Happy summer to you!

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