Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will your app be available to people with Android and Windows phones?
A: You bet. It will be a true mobile app so any device with a browser will be able to use it beautifully.
Q: I don’t have a smartphone. Will I be able to access your app online?
A: Yes, our database will be searchable through our website.
Q: Will your app be available to people outside of the US?
A: Yes! Our app is an international app, applicable to the whole world. You’ll find reduce, reuse, and recycle ideas that are really for everyone. The hyper-local results depend upon you. If you have solutions and local links you want to send us, we’ll input them. Simply use go to our easy-to-use submission page.
Q: Here’s a link to my favorite local organization that needs donations of certain used items. Can you please add them to your database?
A: You got it! Just send us the information through our submission page and we’ll make sure it’s in there for your region. This is a great example of crowdsourced data coming from clued-in citizens like you.
Q: How will your app work? Can you tell me more about what it’s going to do for me?
A: One of our favorite questions! Please see our app walkthrough for a detailed explanation.
Q: How is Trash Backwards different from Craigslist?
A: Craigslist is a place where people can post their stuff for sale or for free. Trash Backwards, by contrast, connects you to ways in which you might fix a broken item, upcycle it, pass it on to someone who really needs it, sell it, find green alternatives to that item, and – finally — read about innovative ways to reduce acquiring that item in the first place.
Q: I’m looking for materials for my home projects. Will you list me in your database so people can give me their used stuff?
A: We’d love to include you! Please input your information into our submission page and we’ll get you into our database.
Q: My small business could use some used items. Can we be listed as a resource in your database?
A: Great! We’d love to add your business to our list of options for our collective stuff. Send us your information through our submission page and you’ll be added to our app.
Q: My corporation wants to work with Trash Backwards. Whom should we talk to?
A: We’d love to talk! Send us a note – We’d love to discuss how we can do good things together.
Q: We’d love to see your data-gathering and the way you are collecting new and existing information. What tools are you using?
A: Our Pinterest boards are a real-time public window into our live research taking place day and night, expanding our curated database of stewardship solutions for our material culture. Peek through this Pinterest window and spread the word!

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