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Stain Removal in Progress

Natural Stain Removal

Forget Chlorine Bleach – Put a bit of lemon juice and sunshine to work on stubborn stains.  by Rebecca Rockefeller Do you have white linens or clothing with stubborn stains? Looking for a magical cure? Give this a try: Wet fabric around stain. Apply lemon juice to fully saturate the stain. Freshly squeezed and bottled […]

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Cherry Tree Under Bed Netting

Reusable Garden Netting

Skip the Delicate Plastic Bird Netting in Favor of Sturdy Sheer Curtains  by Rebecca Rockefeller We’re lucky enough to have berries and cherries in our backyard, but that means we also have hungry birds waiting to share in the summer bounty. Now, I’m a big fan of birds but I don’t like to give them […]

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DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can

DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can

Turn an Empty Plastic Jug into a Free Watering Can by Rebecca Rockefeller Need a new watering can for your garden? Check the closest recycling bin for a plastic jug. All sorts of things are packaged in containers that make wonderful watering cans, from juice to laundry detergent to kitty litter. If your bin doesn’t […]

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DIY Hair Gel

Affordable Hair Gel Without the Plastic Packaging or Chemicals by Rebecca Rockefeller My dancing daughter has her first public performance this week and that means I’ve been tasked with taming her curly and rather wild hair into a well-mannered, high ponytail. The hair falling down is allowed to do its thing, but everything around her […]

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11 Greener Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Celebrate the 4th of July with All of the Excitement and Less of the Plastic by Rebecca Rockefeller My family loves fireworks – Some of us more than others, but we all love their flashes of color in the dark night sky. But along with this enjoyment, we’ve been picking up plastic bits from our […]

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Bamboo Mimikaki Ear Spoon Set

Clean Your Ears with a Spoon

Here’s to Tiny Bamboo Spoons Instead of Plastic-Stemmed Cotton Buds by Rebecca Rockefeller A few years back, when my family was just beginning to remove plastic, especially single-use plastic, from our lives, we stumbled across a solution to an item we hadn’t even thought to tackle yet. A friend of ours gifted us with a […]

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Parking Lot Finds

Foraging in Parking Lots

Need a Paperclip or Pen? Check the Closest Parking Lot by Rebecca Rockefeller The other day, we needed a paper clip for a packet of school forms. We searched through the jam-packed kitchen drawer that serves as our all-purpose storage area for anything we can cram in there, to no avail. We found a lot […]

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DIY Kettle Corn photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

DIY Kettle Corn

DIY Kettle Corn Snack Hack This County Fair Favorite – Make Your Own at Home, Plastic-Free and Frugal  by Rebecca Rockefeller Yes, you can make your own kettle corn at home, no special equipment necessary, no heroic clean-up measures required. Buy your popcorn, oil, sugar, and salt in bulk and you’ll avoid all plastic packaging […]

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DIY Bubbles & Wand In Action

DIY Bubble Solution & Wands

Save Money and Reduce the Plastic Packaging in this Old-Fashioned Fun by Rebecca Rockefeller It’s a fact that kids (and a lot of adults) love to blow bubbles. It’s also a fact that the most of the plastic bottles, caps, and bubble wands that come with store-bought bubble solution are not recyclable. This doesn’t mean, […]

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apples photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Top Gifts for Teachers

Frugal and Plastic-Free Ways to Thank Teachers  by Rebecca Rockefeller The end of the school year is approaching quickly and it’s the perfect time to put together thoughtful gifts for your children’s teachers. Fortunately, the gifts most highly rated and appreciated by teachers are both frugal and plastic-free. Based on extensive online and personal research, […]

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