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IMG_9899 © Joy Chan Tappen

From Fence Slat To Fairy House

Dealings With Fairies by Joy T. Tending her fairy house Almost every day, Little Sister asks me why we can’t move back to Florida so she can be with her best friends again.  It has been 3 months since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, and while the rest of the family has adjusted wonderfully well (and […]

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© Emily Groff

Bra To Dust Mask

In the spirit of ingenuity and using what you have, Emily Groff has designed her own bra to dust mask. When we first saw it on our Buy Nothing group, everyone laughed with Emily, seeing the humor in it. But then we saw an igNobel prize was awarded for a bra converted into a gas […]

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Cotton Pads are Easy to Make and Reusable © Emily Groff

DIY Washable Menstrual Pads

Washable Cotton Pads Made From Old Flannel Sheets Almost all sanitary napkins and tampons are made with bleached rayon, cotton and plastics. Feminine menstrual products are a $718 million dollar industry and the waste from these single-use products is monumental. There are reusable alternatives, like these DIY washable menstrual pads that one of our Buy […]

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Looking down upon a plastic water bottle used as a lumbar support between your back and your car seat. © Liesl Clark

DIY Lumbar Support

By Dr. Steve Overman, MD If you’re on a journey in a bus or car and need lumbar support, we have a trash hack that’ll take care of your back. Two of the greatest impacts of travel are single-use water bottles and lumbar fatigue. This hack takes care of both. Disc related back pain, caused […]

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A Journey Beneath Dhaulagiri. Photo © Liesl Clark

No Impact Trekking

By Mr. Everest In most parts of the world, the higher we journey, the more rarified the air and pristine the environment. But in Nepal, that truth is changing. Twenty thousand visitors per year travel to the Mount Everest region, and thousands climb the 20,000 foot trekking peaks to catch glimpses of the world’s highest […]

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Decorate with paint or glitter. Photo © Kelly Munson

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

By Kelly Munson For Valentines Day this year my daughter made pretty paper flowers for her classmates and a special flower mobile for her teacher. These adorable flowers could be given on any occasion to anyone. A mother, teacher, father, or friend would love to receive one of these simple flowers. They’re pretty and have […]

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IMG_5177 Photo © Liesl Clark

Kick the Can (Habit) And Slow Cook Your Beans

By Mr. Everest In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I cooked up some black beans today. The house smelled wonderful as the beans cooked in the slow cooker with garlic and onions. For the past 3 years, we’ve gone plastic-free in the culinary arts so that means no canned food. Most cans have bisphenol A (BPA) […]

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Get into the great outdoors with your kids. It's important. Photo © Liesl Clark

Get Kids Outdoors

By Mr. Everest We’re in the midst of a national crisis for kids. Studies show most children spend only minutes outside per day. They’re shifting their free time to indoor play with electronic devices rather than using their imaginations and sense of discovery in the great outdoors. I grew up exploring the woods of my […]

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Ski Equipment Doesn't Have to Go to the Landfill. Photo © Liesl Clark

Green Guide to Getting Rid of Your Ski Gear

By Mr. Everest We’re nearing the end of the ski season and if you’re like me, this is a great time to buy new gear. But what to do with the old? If you live in the Rockies there’s a fabulous recycling program that’s diverting millions of pounds of landfill waste each year. But before you […]

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Upside Down Cap and Bottle Green Onion Planter. Photo © Kolika Chatterjee

Trash Hacker: Plastic Bottle Cap Planter

Reuse your green onions and a plastic bottle, too! Kolika Chatterjee has a trash hack that’ll bring spring greens to your kitchen window. By Kolika Chatterjee Remember my last post with plastic bottles where we cut the tops off and grew spring bulbs? Those tops will come in handy now. Next time you chop off the […]

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