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We’ve Got Your Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Think Solutions Right Here!

Come visit our curated database of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Re-Think solutions for all the stuff in your hands, home, and wastebaskets. Click here to visit our web app and search for an item you’d like to get rid of without sending it to a landfill, an item you’d like to reuse or upcycle, or […]

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Trash Backwards Web App Home Page

The Trash Backwards App Beta is Live!

Presenting the Trash Backwards Web App! We’re celebrating America Recycles Day with the launch of our curated database web app. We hope you’ll join us, using our web resource to go beyond recycling to embrace the even more important Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Think. We have a guide here to help you get the most out […]

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DIY Fast & Easy No-Sew Upcycled T-Shirt Bag

DIY Busters: Fast & Easy No-Sew Upcycled T-Shirt Bag

by Rebecca Rockefeller Is it possible to make a no-sew t-shirt bag in 10 minutes? A bag strong enough to carry groceries? A bag you’ll want to be seen with? Yes. Most definitely. As part of our ongoing Trash Backwards DIY Busters series, I’ve been looking for fast and easy reusable bag tutorials to test. […]

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Turn a chip bag into a gift bag, Photo: Liesl Clark

The Potato Chip Bag and Other Snack Bags

By Liesl Clark Potato chip bags are something we’ve all handled and then thrown into the trash. If your conscience has you wondering if there are alternatives to sending that bag into the landfill, you’ve come to the right place. One option for diverting your snack bags from the landfill or incinerator is to start […]

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This DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Hobo Bag is Roomy!

DIY Busters: No-Sew T-shirt Hobo Bag – Yes!

by Rebecca Rockefeller Make your own bag from old materials you’ve got on hand and you’ll kill two landfill waste streams with one stone: Your used materials will be given a new life, and you’ll be able to pass on single-use bags wherever you go. Here at Trash Backwards headquarters, we have quite the assortment […]

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Kiddie Pools Help Beat Summer Heat, Photo: Liesl Clark

The Plastic Kiddie Pool

By Liesl Clark After years of summer aquatic fun in 6 inches of baby pool magic with toddlers, my conscience took over and had issues with the unsustainable reality of the kiddie pool: Most inflatables get holes in them and whether they’re air-filled or hard plastic they’re made of PVC and laden with Bisphenol A, […]

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Beach Ball Beach Bag, Photo: Liesl Clark

Beach Ball Beach Tote

By Liesl Clark We cleared out an old bin of outside toys near the garage and found 2 beach balls that needed some help. One had been bitten into several times, likely by a raccoon or 2. The other has a slow leak and so we found the spot where it leaks and fixed it, […]

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Plastic Milk Jugs Become Cloches, photo by Scott James

Zero Waste Household Guide: Garden Tips

Welcome to the Garden Tips edition of our Zero Waste Household Guide. These are the solutions we’ve come up with for our own families over the past few years. We’re working our way around a typical house, room-by-room. You can see our list of basic zero waste living first steps here. If you’re just starting […]

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Reuse an Old Flip Flop to Protect Your Floors, photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Trash Hacker: Old Flip-Flops = DIY Floor Protection

by Rebecca Rockefeller Most flip-flops are cradle-to-grave products, made from virgin materials that can’t be reclaimed from the waste stream when our feet have worn them out. There are a few exceptions: feelgoodz flip-flops are made from 100% compostable natural rubber, and Old Navy and Terracycle have partnered to collect all brands of worn rubber […]

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Plastic-Free Personal Care, photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Zero Waste Household Guide: Bathroom Solutions

Welcome to our Zero Waste Household Guide – Today’s subject: The Bathroom These are the solutions we’ve come up with for our own families over the past few years. We’re working our way around a typical house, room-by-room. You can see our list of basic first steps towards a zero waste home here. If you’re just […]

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