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DIY Chicken Feeder © Liesl Clark

DIY Chicken Feeder

By Liesl Clark Chickens are raised all over the world for their eggs and meat. By some estimates, there are 45 chickens per person on the planet. My family had chickens when I was a child (we had, on average, 2 chickens per person!) and we took monthly trips to our local farm coop for […]

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A Case For Exposing Your Children to Traditional Arts Using Natural Materials. Photo © Liesl Clark

20 Free Crafts Not Plastic

By Liesl Clark When my children reached elementary school age and we enrolled them in programs that had art classes, we were amazed at how few natural materials were used for art supplies and just how much of it was plastic: glitter glue, colorful plastics for mosaics, acrylic-coated feathers, various items to be “recycled” through […]

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photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Frugal Freedom: DIY Hummingbird Nectar

by Rebecca Rockefeller Mix Up Your Own Nectar for Happy Hummingbirds If you’ve never put out a hummingbird feeder, this might be a perfect year to start. There’s no need to buy nectar or nectar mix from a store – Making your own is easy and inexpensive. Hummingbirds can be found in North, Central, and […]

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The drying cycle.

How To Do Bathtub Laundry

By Liesl Clark If you ever have a power outage and need to do an important load of laundry, consider the bathtub! We’ve done bathtub laundry all over the world, mostly because you can do it in any location that has a tub and this simple practice saves a bundle of money if you’re traveling. […]

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Greeted by Plastic on Korean Airlines

Lamenting Airplane Plastics

By Liesl Clark We were being encroached upon by hundreds of clear plastic bags. They were on our laps, around our sleepy heads, stuffed under our feet, indeed engulfing our food and toiletries. Somehow, we had become unsuspecting plassengers on an 11-hour plastic-sealed adventure across the Pacific. How had we fallen head-first into this sea […]

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The Miraculous Banana and Its Peel. Photo © Liesl Clark

20 Uses For Banana Peels

The Miraculous Banana and Its Peel. Photo © Liesl Clark The banana peel, like coffee grounds, tea leaves, and orange peels has a lot of beneficial qualities that’ll make you think twice the next time you toss it in the trash. We’ve gathered 20 of the best banana peel uses for you to try: 1) […]

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Decorate with paint or glitter. Photo © Kelly Munson

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

By Kelly Munson For Valentines Day this year my daughter made pretty paper flowers for her classmates and a special flower mobile for her teacher. These adorable flowers could be given on any occasion to anyone. A mother, teacher, father, or friend would love to receive one of these simple flowers. They’re pretty and have […]

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Our Mother's Day Tradition is Baking Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Photo © Liesl Clark

A Mother’s Day Less Plastic

By Rebecca Rockefeller Celebrate your favorite mom(s) and your favorite Mother Earth in plastic-free style this coming Mother’s Day. While the old-fashioned advice that “a hand-made present is the best” still stands, of course, you may have reached a point where you’d like to gift your mother with something other than a ceramic creation from […]

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IMG_5161 photo © Liesl Clark

Grill Party Less Plastic

By Rebecca Rockefeller Light Up Your Grill or Fire Pit for a Pizza Party Less Plastic Inspired by some unseasonably hot May weather last weekend, we decided on an impromptu family dinner party. Our friends Pete and Liesl volunteered their backyard fire pit and I volunteered to experiment on everyone by adapting a dish I’d […]

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The allure of the fire pit. Photo © Liesl Clark

10 DIY Upcycled Fire Pits

By Liesl Clark Seems the latest craze is repurposing metal things into fire pits. Here’s a list of some of the most innovative ones we could find: 1) Metal Wheelbarrow Fire Pit: If you’ve got a metal one that’s broken down, try to turn it into a fire pit. It’ll look cool in your back yard. […]

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