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Stain Removal in Progress

Natural Stain Removal

Forget Chlorine Bleach – Put a bit of lemon juice and sunshine to work on stubborn stains.  by Rebecca Rockefeller Do you have white linens or clothing with stubborn stains? Looking for a magical cure? Give this a try: Wet fabric around stain. Apply lemon juice to fully saturate the stain. Freshly squeezed and bottled […]

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Shoe repair with sugru. Photo © Liesl Clark

Fix (Almost) Everything With Sugru

By Liesl Clark We didn’t know about sugru until a couple weeks ago, and it’s already fixed several household items we were sure we’d have to throw away. Sugru, according to sugru, does and is this: “sugru is the exciting new self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand. It moulds like play-dough, bonds to almost […]

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Tack Down Your Pad with A Carpet Tack and Place It In the Crack Between Your Boards. Photo © Liesl Clark

DIY Busters: No Slip Carpet Fix Gone Bad

By Liesl Clark It worked for a week or two and then the carpets started sliding again. I’m talking about the silicone caulking trick I raved about in this post here. Now I’m ready to admit it just didn’t stand the test of time. Perhaps our wood floors get too dirty, or the children running […]

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IMG_3231 Photo © Liesl Clark

Fix Your Tools with Broken Handles

By Mr. Everest I’ve noticed a trend lately that’s surprising: tools with broken handles are discarded when only the wooden handle is broken. I grew up with acres of woods around me and tools like axes and rakes came in handy every day. I still use them quite regularly and when a wooden handle snaps […]

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Silicone caulking works perfectly on the backside of your carpet pad for making a tacky-impermanent sticking surface for adhering your pad to a wooden floor.

No-Slip Carpet Fix

By Liesl Clark UPDATE: I tried the fix you’ll read below, and less than 2 weeks later our carpets were slipping again. The idea, from Martha Stewart, just doesn’t work for more than a few days. If you need a temporary tack-down I guess this could work, but if you’re looking for a more long […]

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Little Peeper in the Chickubator. Photo © Liesl Clark

How to Make A Scrap Wood Chickubator

By Pete Athans Chickubator? That’s my name for a wooden box used to house baby chicks until they’re ready to hang with the big girls in the coop. Day-old chicks arrive weekly at our local feed store come early spring and every other year our children get to pick out 6 new chicks to add […]

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A simple trash hack: Use that cheese grater to scrape off the burnt part of your toast.

Fix It: The Burnt Toast Solution You Never Thought Of

By Liesl Clark It was an “Ah ha!” moment for me. And it came from my husband whom I’ve lived with for 10 years, so you can imagine my surprise. No need to toss out your burnt toast. Just scrape off the brown/black carbon with a….cheese grater! That’s it. Enough said. Enjoy your carbon-free toast. […]

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Trash Backwards Web App Home Page

The Trash Backwards App Beta is Live!

Presenting the Trash Backwards Web App! We’re celebrating America Recycles Day with the launch of our curated database web app. We hope you’ll join us, using our web resource to go beyond recycling to embrace the even more important Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Think. We have a guide here to help you get the most out […]

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Kiddie Pools Help Beat Summer Heat, Photo: Liesl Clark

The Plastic Kiddie Pool

By Liesl Clark After years of summer aquatic fun in 6 inches of baby pool magic with toddlers, my conscience took over and had issues with the unsustainable reality of the kiddie pool: Most inflatables get holes in them and whether they’re air-filled or hard plastic they’re made of PVC and laden with Bisphenol A, […]

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Broken Plastic Scissors, Photo: Liesl Clark

Fix It: Broken Scissors

By Liesl Clark You choose, which pair of scissors are going to last longer? Although the ones with the plastic handles cut a little better, they’re broken and I suspect they’ll break again. The metal pair have been around for decades and are still going strong. In the event they break apart, I might be […]

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