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A dried riverbed of trash found outside the beautiful village of Ghami while the water was diverted for a few hours. This garbage waterfall is about 1/4 mile long. © Liesl Clark

Cleaning Up a Himalayan Village

By Liesl Clark The village of Samdzong is so small it took us only 25 minutes to walk around with sacks to pick up the garbage thrown outside people’s homes. Why is this trash found throughout the village? Until recently, all garbage was organic: Shoes were (and many still are) handmade from leather and wool, […]

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Polyethylene bags can be recycled. These were probably headed toward the recycle bin but ended up on the road and in the bushes.

Plastic Bag Pollution On My Birthday

By Finn Clark Today is my birthday and I’m turning 10. I decided to do a good deed on my birthday, since I’ve been around for 10 years now. It’s a tradition in my family: On each of our birthdays we choose how we give back to our Earth in thanks for the nurturing planet […]

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We Were Able to Recycle These Right Across From the Convenience Store. Photo © Liesl Clark

Roadside Litter: The Great American Beverage Crisis

By Liesl Clark Our nearest store is less than a mile away. Occasionally, my kids and I take a walk there so they can have an ice cream. We run down a long hill which is our road and always bring a bag to collect the roadside trash. Each time we do this, we pick […]

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Trash Backwards Web App Home Page

The Trash Backwards App Beta is Live!

Presenting the Trash Backwards Web App! We’re celebrating America Recycles Day with the launch of our curated database web app. We hope you’ll join us, using our web resource to go beyond recycling to embrace the even more important Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Think. We have a guide here to help you get the most out […]

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The man-made basalt armor of Crystal Springs. Plenty of Plastics in those boulders. Photo © Liesl Clark

Mapping Plastic: The First Days of Our Journey

By Liesl Clark Our journey started on a windy day. Circumnavigating Bainbridge Island to map the plastic on its shores has started off like any other beach walk where we tease plastic detritus from tall grasses, seaweed, and huge boulders. Our friends, Rebecca Rockefeller, David Dale Campbell, and their daughters met us at Lynwood Center […]

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Circumnavigating An Island's Shores Bring New Light to Single Use Plastics, Photo © Liesl Clark

Mapping Plastic: A Circumnavigation of Bainbridge Island

By Liesl Clark Many have done it by sailboat, motorboat, even kayaks. One person recently swam it. But how many people have hiked around Bainbridge Island? I mean all the way around, skirting its shores, circling the entire landmass like a May pole? The 53-mile circumnavigation is precisely the journey we’re embarking upon, but it’s […]

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