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A dried riverbed of trash found outside the beautiful village of Ghami while the water was diverted for a few hours. This garbage waterfall is about 1/4 mile long. © Liesl Clark

Cleaning Up a Himalayan Village

By Liesl Clark The village of Samdzong is so small it took us only 25 minutes to walk around with sacks to pick up the garbage thrown outside people’s homes. Why is this trash found throughout the village? Until recently, all garbage was organic: Shoes were (and many still are) handmade from leather and wool, […]

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Batteries © Liesl Clark

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering Batteries

By Liesl Clark The average American has at least 10 batteries in their possession at any given time and throws away 8 batteries per year. Should we recycle batteries? Absolutely, for the mercury and cadmium in our batteries can wreak havoc on the environment. According to the Environmental Health and Safety Organization, “In landfills, heavy […]

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A Carload of Trash = 2 Weeks' Worth of One School's Waste.

Reducing Waste on Earth Day One School at a Time

By Liesl Clark Schools love Earth Day because it’s a kid-friendly time of year to educate and celebrate Mother Earth while taking stock on how we’re measuring up with our waste footprint. Trash Backwards took the opportunity to audit 2 schools’ waste this week, and the impact of the exercise has huge potential. But it’s […]

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Ski Equipment Doesn't Have to Go to the Landfill. Photo © Liesl Clark

Green Guide to Getting Rid of Your Ski Gear

By Mr. Everest We’re nearing the end of the ski season and if you’re like me, this is a great time to buy new gear. But what to do with the old? If you live in the Rockies there’s a fabulous recycling program that’s diverting millions of pounds of landfill waste each year. But before you […]

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Plastic Bottle Caps © Liesl Clark

25 Crafty Plastic Bottle Cap Reuses

By Liesl Clark Plastic bottle caps are beguiling: Perfectly round shapes in every size and color under the rainbow. If you collect enough of them you’ll start to think there must be something remarkable to do with them. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for inspiration. But first, you must know that […]

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What Do We Do With Our Metal Screw Top Caps? Photo © Liesl Clark

What To Do With Metal Screw Caps From Glass Bottles?

By Liesl Clark If you drink wine, you’ll know the caps I’m talking about. They also come on other glass bottled liquids, are made of aluminum and are never mentioned in municipal recycling lists. What’s a person to do with these things? Here are 5 options: 1) Recycle Them! According to most wine magazines and […]

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Pete Athans Climbing the Lhotse Face on Everest. Photo © Bill Crouse

Can You Recycle Synthetic Fabrics?

By Mr. Everest I admit it. I wear a lot of synthetics. They’re high-performance fabrics that have enabled me to thrive in the world’s coldest, windiest, wettest, and sometimes hottest climates. I’ve spent 25 years working with designers of outdoor clothing to ensure the highest performance possible for the clothes athletes’ and explorers’ lives depend […]

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Photo © Ted Hesser

Green Guide to Getting Rid of Your Rock Climbing Gear

By Mr. Everest Rock climbing gear needs to be assessed every two years, but under heavy use you’ll want to do it at least once a year. This is when you’ll likely place old harnesses into retirement and recycle heavily-worn or grooved carabiners. Our lives depend upon the performance of our gear. No sense dirt […]

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Drop your old apparel, any brand, into a "Clothes the Loop" bin at The North Face store.

Clothes The Loop With The North Face

By Pete Athans Living on an island means we don’t have access to a lot of services and conveniences. We like that. A 35-minute ferry ride delivers us into what feels like the bowels of Seattle, ejecting ferry-riders beneath a highway underpass, a continuous stream of cars, buses and trucks humming above. Just around the […]

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This Zero Waste Lunch Kit Will Soon Be Available For Purchase at Trash Backwards. Interested?

Spreading the Word

By Liesl Clark A large part of our mission, at Trash Backwards, is to get out into the community and spread the word about reducing, reusing, and rethinking our collective “stuff.” Yesterday our target was the local public library, where we set up a display alongside Sustainable Bainbridge’s Zero Waste Initiative. Together, we’re spreading the […]

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