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Geek out on garbage with us

Simple, lightweight stovetop toaster. © Liesl Clark

Off The Grid Toast

The Stovetop Toaster You Always Wanted By Liesl Clark Our toaster oven stopped working last week and coincidentally I found a camp stove toaster a day later. I’ve wanted one of these for years. They’re the foldable lightweight stovetop toasters that enable you to toast your bread right over your burner. Coleman makes them and […]

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Dry your laundry and water your plants at the same time.

Drip Dry Your Laundry & Water Your Garden

This one’s simple. 1) String a laundry line over your tomato plants (or basil or really anything you’re growing that needs watering.) We tend to water our tomato plants and tomatillos as they don’t need much water and our grape vine digs it, too. 2) Wash your clothes but don’t do a spin cycle. It […]

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Magic Yeti Book Delivery Day in Tsarang © Liesl Clark

Thanking You For Their Books

By Liesl Clark The girls at Tsarang’s ani school want to thank you deeply for the books you’ve donated to our Magic Yeti Library in their beautiful school. This is a well-loved library and put to use each day. Bringing new boxes to the girls is one of my family’s greatest joys and among the […]

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A dried riverbed of trash found outside the beautiful village of Ghami while the water was diverted for a few hours. This garbage waterfall is about 1/4 mile long. © Liesl Clark

Cleaning Up a Himalayan Village

By Liesl Clark The village of Samdzong is so small it took us only 25 minutes to walk around with sacks to pick up the garbage thrown outside people’s homes. Why is this trash found throughout the village? Until recently, all garbage was organic: Shoes were (and many still are) handmade from leather and wool, […]

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IMG_0703 © Liesl Clark

Trash Forwards: Give Your Used Clothing To The Poor

By Liesl Clark “Divide the clothing into 17 piles.” We had brought 4 duffel bags filled with socks, jackets, pants, hats, all the clothing necessary to keep a family warm. What we didn’t anticipate was that the clothing would have to be divided into 17 equal shares. This village has 17 households. To keep it […]

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A Journey Beneath Dhaulagiri. Photo © Liesl Clark

No Impact Trekking

By Mr. Everest In most parts of the world, the higher we journey, the more rarified the air and pristine the environment. But in Nepal, that truth is changing. Twenty thousand visitors per year travel to the Mount Everest region, and thousands climb the 20,000 foot trekking peaks to catch glimpses of the world’s highest […]

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Greeted by Plastic on Korean Airlines

Lamenting Airplane Plastics

By Liesl Clark We were being encroached upon by hundreds of clear plastic bags. They were on our laps, around our sleepy heads, stuffed under our feet, indeed engulfing our food and toiletries. Somehow, we had become unsuspecting plassengers on an 11-hour plastic-sealed adventure across the Pacific. How had we fallen head-first into this sea […]

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Batteries © Liesl Clark

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering Batteries

By Liesl Clark The average American has at least 10 batteries in their possession at any given time and throws away 8 batteries per year. Should we recycle batteries? Absolutely, for the mercury and cadmium in our batteries can wreak havoc on the environment. According to the Environmental Health and Safety Organization, “In landfills, heavy […]

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Distilled white vinegar to the rescue! Use this instead of expensive rinse agents. Photo © Liesl Clark

100 Things You Never Need To Buy

How often do people act on the first of the infamous 3 Rs? “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Reducing means refusing to buy that thing in the first place and this list is a growing testimony to how possible it is to eliminate certain things from your everyday purchases, if you’re willing to try. Why do it? […]

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Our Mother's Day Tradition is Baking Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Photo © Liesl Clark

A Mother’s Day Less Plastic

By Rebecca Rockefeller Celebrate your favorite mom(s) and your favorite Mother Earth in plastic-free style this coming Mother’s Day. While the old-fashioned advice that “a hand-made present is the best” still stands, of course, you may have reached a point where you’d like to gift your mother with something other than a ceramic creation from […]

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