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Smart hacks to rejuvenate your trash

DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can

DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can

Turn an Empty Plastic Jug into a Free Watering Can by Rebecca Rockefeller Need a new watering can for your garden? Check the closest recycling bin for a plastic jug. All sorts of things are packaged in containers that make wonderful watering cans, from juice to laundry detergent to kitty litter. If your bin doesn’t […]

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Parking Lot Finds

Foraging in Parking Lots

Need a Paperclip or Pen? Check the Closest Parking Lot by Rebecca Rockefeller The other day, we needed a paper clip for a packet of school forms. We searched through the jam-packed kitchen drawer that serves as our all-purpose storage area for anything we can cram in there, to no avail. We found a lot […]

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Upside Down Cap and Bottle Green Onion Planter. Photo © Kolika Chatterjee

Trash Hacker: Plastic Bottle Cap Planter

Reuse your green onions and a plastic bottle, too! Kolika Chatterjee has a trash hack that’ll bring spring greens to your kitchen window. By Kolika Chatterjee Remember my last post with plastic bottles where we cut the tops off and grew spring bulbs? Those tops will come in handy now. Next time you chop off the […]

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p1000961 © Rebecca Rockefeller

Trash Hacker: Chickens Love Gingerbread Houses

By Rebecca Rockefeller (Originally posted on Rock Farmer) I sometimes feel a bit sorry for our chickens. They have plenty of space, good things to eat, cozy egg boxes and all that, but I can see their dinosaur souls when I look into their eyes, and I’m sorry that they’re so small these days. It’s a good […]

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Repurpose a Clementine Box Into a Spice Shelf. Artwork © Kolika Chatterjee

Trash Hacker: Spice Shelf From A Clementine Box

By Kolika Chatterjee Our friend and guest blogger, Kolika Chatterjee, from Cambridge, MA has a useful transformation for a clementine box. She’s so creative with her photography and graphic talents! Interested in more clementine box transformations? Please visit our Trash Backwards app, where we have a reuse for everything!

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"Mesh With Me" Clementine Bag Turned Valentine.

Trash Hacker: Last Minute Valentine From A Plastic Mesh Produce Bag

By Liesl Clark No tutorial needed for this one. Just cut, paste, and, well, mesh. If you happen to need more ideas, check out the other trash hacker valentines we’ve come up with at Trash Backwards:

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Hot Lunch in an Insulated Travel Coffee Mug -- The Instant Thermos Alternative. Photo © Liesl Clark

Trash Hacker: The Instant Hot Lunch Thermos Alternative

By Liesl Clark My daughter left her school back pack at her friend’s house the other day and her hot lunch thermos was inside it. Fast forward to me, monday morning,  making her a hot lunch and discovering the lack of a thermos. The home-made mac-n-cheese-n-kale sauce was already bubbling on the stove. I had […]

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Christmas Card Gift Tag Step 1 © Jenny Lange

Trash Hacker: Holiday Cards to Gift Tags

We’re excited to introduce our newest guest author, Jenny Lange. In addition to coming up with practical DIY upcycling projects like this holiday card gift tag project, Jenny is a married mother of two who likes to read, walk with her friends, and explore the outdoors. Holiday Card Gift Tags  by Jenny Lange I’m in the […]

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8) Growth day 11. Photo © Kolika Chatterjee

Trash Hacker: Plastics to Plants

We’re excited to introduce our newest blogger, Kolika Chatterjee who has crafted an easy-to-follow photo tutorial bringing paperwhites to life with the aid of plastic water bottles. No need to purchase a plant pot for your bulbs when you have plastic bottles at hand! By Kolika Chatterjee Looking for more plastic bottle reuses? Please visit […]

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Roll of Nails Flower Vase Arrangement, Photo © Liesl Clark

Trash Hacker: Nail Flower Vase

By Liesl Clark We had a partial roll of nails left over after renovating our barn, and no one wanted such a small stash of leftovers. So, rather then throw them into the scrap metal bin, we came up with a soft and pretty trash hack for our leftover hardware. Do you have a trash […]

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