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Upcycling brings new value to your old things

IMG_9899 © Joy Chan Tappen

From Fence Slat To Fairy House

Dealings With Fairies by Joy T. Tending her fairy house Almost every day, Little Sister asks me why we can’t move back to Florida so she can be with her best friends again.  It has been 3 months since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, and while the rest of the family has adjusted wonderfully well (and […]

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© Emily Groff

Bra To Dust Mask

In the spirit of ingenuity and using what you have, Emily Groff has designed her own bra to dust mask. When we first saw it on our Buy Nothing group, everyone laughed with Emily, seeing the humor in it. But then we saw an igNobel prize was awarded for a bra converted into a gas […]

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Cotton Pads are Easy to Make and Reusable © Emily Groff

DIY Washable Menstrual Pads

Washable Cotton Pads Made From Old Flannel Sheets Almost all sanitary napkins and tampons are made with bleached rayon, cotton and plastics. Feminine menstrual products are a $718 million dollar industry and the waste from these single-use products is monumental. There are reusable alternatives, like these DIY washable menstrual pads that one of our Buy […]

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Romertopf oven turned kitchen counter compost container. © Liesl Clark

DIY Kitchen Compost Container

By Liesl Clark My new favorite kitchen thing is a thing I’m reusing for something else. This thing can be used, now, in 2 ways! What am I talking about?? Ta da! My new kitchen counter compost container! It’s a Romertopf oven turned compost collector that actually looks nice on the kitchen counter and it […]

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Backyard Bunting

40 Ideas For An Upcycled Summer Party

By Liesl Clark Outdoor Party Decor: 1) No Sew Bunting: Here’s an easy outdoor no sew bunting for a flutter at the party. 2) Leaf Coasters For Your Party: In the theme of the outdoors, use leaf coasters so wow your guests. Cheap, pretty. 3) Wine Glass Candle Lamps: Have some etched wine glasses? Save […]

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DIY Sun Hat

Ever find yourself stranded out on a hot sunny day without a sun hat? Here’s a trash hack we saw in Nepal, in the town of Dumre, worn by a construction worker. Find a square piece of cardboard from a box, approximately 15″ X 15″. In the center, cut out an oval shape a little […]

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A plastic sack works as a bucket, too. © Liesl Clark

DIY Buckets

By Liesl Clark Like planters, anything that can hold things can be a bucket: The Pressure Cooker Bucket: This cow feeds from the bottom half of a pressure cooker. It’s a perfect feed pail for a dusty paddock. The Feed Sack Bucket: These handmade horse feeders from Upper Mustang, Nepal come from apricot sacks of […]

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When this plastic water or fuel container broke, it was turned into a large planter.

5 DIY Planters From the Himalaya

By Liesl Clark Planters are easy to come by. Whether you have little growing space outdoors, or want to beautify a patio or rooftop, pull your nearest receptacle or container from your trash and turn it into a planter. The more innovative, the more interesting and discussion-worthy for your friends and neighbors. Here are a […]

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Bamboo + Electrical Wire = Pretty Garden Fence.

DIY Bamboo Fence

By Liesl Clark This bamboo fence, in Kalopani, Nepal, is one of my favorite DIY trash backwards garden fences I’ve come across in my travels. It’s a simple construction of bamboo sticks and woven electrical cord to hold the whole structure together. Here, people use what they have at hand to create beauty in an […]

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Looking down upon a plastic water bottle used as a lumbar support between your back and your car seat. © Liesl Clark

DIY Lumbar Support

By Dr. Steve Overman, MD If you’re on a journey in a bus or car and need lumbar support, we have a trash hack that’ll take care of your back. Two of the greatest impacts of travel are single-use water bottles and lumbar fatigue. This hack takes care of both. Disc related back pain, caused […]

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