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DIY All-Purpose Household Cleaner

Trash Hacker: Orange Peels & Vinegar = DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

or What To Do With All Those Holiday Season Orange Peels by Rebecca Rockefeller Do you spin your dreidel for satsumas? Do tangerines join the other bounty of your Kwanzaa Mazao? Does Santa sneak an orange into the toe of your stocking? Are clementines part of your Festivus celebration? Whatever your winter holiday(s) of choice, […]

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Trash Backwards Web App Home Page

The Trash Backwards App Beta is Live!

Presenting the Trash Backwards Web App! We’re celebrating America Recycles Day with the launch of our curated database web app. We hope you’ll join us, using our web resource to go beyond recycling to embrace the even more important Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Think. We have a guide here to help you get the most out […]

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Classroom Waste Audits Are Fun, Photo © Liesl Clark

10 Simple Steps to Conducting a Classroom Waste Audit

By Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller Conducting a classroom waste audit is a hands-on way for kids to learn how to reduce their waste at school. Whether kindergarteners or highschoolers, waste audits resonate with students of all ages because everyone handles trash on a daily basis. Zero waste in schools takes commitment from both teachers […]

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Cinderella Pumpkins photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Zero Waste Pumpkin for Holiday Baking

by Rebecca Rockefeller Oh, how I love pumpkin. Even saying it out loud is fun. Pumpkin! It’s such a lovely, plump word attached to such lovely. plump fruit. I used to stock up on canned pumpkin as soon as it went on sale before Thanksgiving so that I’d have enough on hand to last me […]

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Pumpkin Walk photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Celebrate Halloween, Zero Waste Style

by Rebecca Rockefeller Halloween is a much beloved holiday in my own home, and my children plan all year for their costumes and how they’d like to decorate our yard for our annual neighborhood party. Modern American Halloweens tend to be heavy on the non-recyclable plastic end of festivities, with candy, costumes, and decorations all […]

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Monday's Lunch: Mozzarella, fruit cookie, trail mix, grapes, home-grown tomatoes, rice crackers. Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

School and Work Lunch Solutions

 A packed Lunch Less Plastic is possible, it doesn’t take long to pack, and it’s tasty. by Rebecca Rockefeller, republished from Rock Farmer The school year is underway here in the US, and with it the tradition of either packing a lunch or checking the school hot lunch calendar to prepare your taste buds for the day’s […]

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Eggs in Paper Cartons photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Buy Eggs in Paper Cartons

Keep your eggs zero waste: Buy them in paper cartons, not clear plastic or Styrofoam. When you’re done with the paper cartons, there are many ways to reuse them. Here are a few ideas to spark your egg carton reuse: Fill them with eggs again if you have a local bulk egg source. Offer them […]

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Nothing Better Than Fresh Eggs From the Hens

Zero Waste Household Guide: Tips for Less Grocery Shopping

Zero Grocery Shopping Lifestyle by Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller Looking for a family challenge that can improve your connections with your food, your neighbors, and Mother Nature herself? Take a weekend, a week, a month, or more and try our Zero Grocery Shopping Lifestyle tips. You won’t be able to grow and harvest from […]

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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Kit

Zero Waste Guide: Grocery Shopping Tips

by Rebecca Rockefeller, republished from Rock Farmer As part of my ongoing effort to reduce the amount of new plastic entering my life, I’ve developed a shopping system to avoid some common plastic packaging. First of all, I buy in bulk whenever possible, 25 pound bags of rice, pinto beans, flours, all of the staples […]

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Plastic Milk Jugs Become Cloches, photo by Scott James

Zero Waste Household Guide: Garden Tips

Welcome to the Garden Tips edition of our Zero Waste Household Guide. These are the solutions we’ve come up with for our own families over the past few years. We’re working our way around a typical house, room-by-room. You can see our list of basic zero waste living first steps here. If you’re just starting […]

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