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Backyard Bunting

40 Ideas For An Upcycled Summer Party

By Liesl Clark Outdoor Party Decor: 1) No Sew Bunting: Here’s an easy outdoor no sew bunting for a flutter at the party. 2) Leaf Coasters For Your Party: In the theme of the outdoors, use leaf coasters so wow your guests. Cheap, pretty. 3) Wine Glass Candle Lamps: Have some etched wine glasses? Save […]

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Garlic Skins Have Some Use Beyond the Compost Bin

8 Uses For Garlic Skins

By Liesl Clark Don’t toss those papery white skins! Use them up: 1) Save them in your freezer and use for your vegetable or chicken stock. I also throw them in my slow-cooked beans to add more flavor. 2) Compost them. 3) Keep the skins on your garlic when you roast it and the protective […]

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Magic Yeti Book Delivery Day in Tsarang © Liesl Clark

Thanking You For Their Books

By Liesl Clark The girls at Tsarang’s ani school want to thank you deeply for the books you’ve donated to our Magic Yeti Library in their beautiful school. This is a well-loved library and put to use each day. Bringing new boxes to the girls is one of my family’s greatest joys and among the […]

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DIY Sun Hat

Ever find yourself stranded out on a hot sunny day without a sun hat? Here’s a trash hack we saw in Nepal, in the town of Dumre, worn by a construction worker. Find a square piece of cardboard from a box, approximately 15″ X 15″. In the center, cut out an oval shape a little […]

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DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can

DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can

Turn an Empty Plastic Jug into a Free Watering Can by Rebecca Rockefeller Need a new watering can for your garden? Check the closest recycling bin for a plastic jug. All sorts of things are packaged in containers that make wonderful watering cans, from juice to laundry detergent to kitty litter. If your bin doesn’t […]

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A plastic sack works as a bucket, too. © Liesl Clark

DIY Buckets

By Liesl Clark Like planters, anything that can hold things can be a bucket: The Pressure Cooker Bucket: This cow feeds from the bottom half of a pressure cooker. It’s a perfect feed pail for a dusty paddock. The Feed Sack Bucket: These handmade horse feeders from Upper Mustang, Nepal come from apricot sacks of […]

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DIY Hair Gel

Affordable Hair Gel Without the Plastic Packaging or Chemicals by Rebecca Rockefeller My dancing daughter has her first public performance this week and that means I’ve been tasked with taming her curly and rather wild hair into a well-mannered, high ponytail. The hair falling down is allowed to do its thing, but everything around her […]

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When this plastic water or fuel container broke, it was turned into a large planter.

5 DIY Planters From the Himalaya

By Liesl Clark Planters are easy to come by. Whether you have little growing space outdoors, or want to beautify a patio or rooftop, pull your nearest receptacle or container from your trash and turn it into a planter. The more innovative, the more interesting and discussion-worthy for your friends and neighbors. Here are a […]

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11 Greener Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Celebrate the 4th of July with All of the Excitement and Less of the Plastic by Rebecca Rockefeller My family loves fireworks – Some of us more than others, but we all love their flashes of color in the dark night sky. But along with this enjoyment, we’ve been picking up plastic bits from our […]

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Bamboo Mimikaki Ear Spoon Set

Clean Your Ears with a Spoon

Here’s to Tiny Bamboo Spoons Instead of Plastic-Stemmed Cotton Buds by Rebecca Rockefeller A few years back, when my family was just beginning to remove plastic, especially single-use plastic, from our lives, we stumbled across a solution to an item we hadn’t even thought to tackle yet. A friend of ours gifted us with a […]

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