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20 Free Crafts Not Plastic

By Liesl Clark When my children reached elementary school age and we enrolled them in programs that had art classes, we were amazed at how few natural materials were used for art supplies and just how much of it was plastic: glitter glue, colorful plastics for mosaics, acrylic-coated feathers, various items to be “recycled” through […]

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Trash Hacker: Foil Candy Wrappers = Art

by Rebecca Rockefeller Have a handful of chocolate eggs on hand? Don’t toss out the beautiful foil wrappers! Save them for future collages and other art projects. They make perfect flowers, water, robot plating, rocketship fire, and much, much more.   Looking for more candy wrapper reuses? Please visit our Trash Backwards app where we […]

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The Plastic Bottle Cap

by Liesl Clark Don’t get me wrong. In creating the piece of art above, my intention was not to entice you to drink more water from plastic so you can collect bottle caps. It’s to make you feel as sick as I did when I realized my children’s toes were wriggling not in sand on […]

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