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Natural Stain Removal

Forget Chlorine Bleach – Put a bit of lemon juice and sunshine to work on stubborn stains.  by Rebecca Rockefeller Do you have white linens or clothing with stubborn stains? Looking for a magical cure? Give this a try: Wet fabric around stain. Apply lemon juice to fully saturate the stain. Freshly squeezed and bottled […]

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Clothes The Loop With The North Face

By Pete Athans Living on an island means we don’t have access to a lot of services and conveniences. We like that. A 35-minute ferry ride delivers us into what feels like the bowels of Seattle, ejecting ferry-riders beneath a highway underpass, a continuous stream of cars, buses and trucks humming above. Just around the […]

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Zero Waste Household Guide: Bedroom Solutions

Welcome to our Zero Waste Household Guide – Today’s subject: Bedrooms These are the solutions we’ve come up with for our own families over the past few years. We’re working our way around a typical house, room-by-room. You can see our list of basic first steps towards a zero waste home here. If you’re just starting […]

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