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Start an Inventor’s Kit For Your Curious Child

By Liesl Clark Our alarm clock went on the fritz. It just didn’t keep good time anymore and when we put new batteries in, the whole thing decided to stop ticking. Rather than throwing the clock out, our 9-year-old took the opportunity to try to fix it. He looked deep inside and saw the inner […]

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by Rebecca Rockefeller We’re not against straws; it’s undeniably fun to drink through a straw, they’re useful for bedridden people, and there are all sorts of projects and reuses for straws. So why a week focused on straws? Because single use plastic straws are one of the most common plastic items we find on our […]

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by Rebecca Rockefeller Writing is one of those Big Events in human history – our ability to write things down allowed for a new depth and breadth of communication. The single-use plastic pen is a far cry from the original stones, reeds, sticks, quills, and then metal tools people used. I’m hoping this post will inspire you […]

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