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Drip Dry Your Laundry & Water Your Garden

This one’s simple. 1) String a laundry line over your tomato plants (or basil or really anything you’re growing that needs watering.) We tend to water our tomato plants and tomatillos as they don’t need much water and our grape vine digs it, too. 2) Wash your clothes but don’t do a spin cycle. It […]

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How To Do Bathtub Laundry

By Liesl Clark If you ever have a power outage and need to do an important load of laundry, consider the bathtub! We’ve done bathtub laundry all over the world, mostly because you can do it in any location that has a tub and this simple practice saves a bundle of money if you’re traveling. […]

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Life Less Laundry

By Liesl Clark (Reposted from Pioneering the Simple Life) How often do you do your laundry? Americans launder clothes way too often. And we use too much detergent, according to the Wall Street Journal. We’ve started re-thinking our laundry scene here at home. After spending much time living in villages in the dustiest parts of […]

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