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What To Do With Orange Peels

By Liesl Clark Orange peel skin, and citrus peel in general, whether it’s dried orange peel or fresh, is a versatile material used widely from the kitchen, to the garden, and in the fireplace. Here are our top 20 orange peel uses to entice you to keep them out of your trash. 1) Make a […]

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Trash Hacker: Orange Peels & Vinegar = DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

or What To Do With All Those Holiday Season Orange Peels by Rebecca Rockefeller Do you spin your dreidel for satsumas? Do tangerines join the other bounty of your Kwanzaa Mazao? Does Santa sneak an orange into the toe of your stocking? Are clementines part of your Festivus celebration? Whatever your winter holiday(s) of choice, […]

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