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Upside Down Cap and Bottle Green Onion Planter. Photo © Kolika Chatterjee

Trash Hacker: Plastic Bottle Cap Planter

Reuse your green onions and a plastic bottle, too! Kolika Chatterjee has a trash hack that’ll bring spring greens to your kitchen window. By Kolika Chatterjee Remember my last post with plastic bottles where we cut the tops off and grew spring bulbs? Those tops will come in handy now. Next time you chop off the […]

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Plastic Bottle Caps © Liesl Clark

25 Crafty Plastic Bottle Cap Reuses

By Liesl Clark Plastic bottle caps are beguiling: Perfectly round shapes in every size and color under the rainbow. If you collect enough of them you’ll start to think there must be something remarkable to do with them. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for inspiration. But first, you must know that […]

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50 Items From Your Trash That Can Help You In Your Garden

50 Garden Solutions You’ll Find In Your Trash

By Liesl Clark There may be items in your trash that could help you with your gardening. Check out this list and see if any of these great ideas resonate with you, helping you pull a couple things out of your trash and, well, into your garden to green up your world. I’ve categorized the […]

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Bottle Caps May One Day Replace Sand. Bottle caps, styrofoam and child's items found at Point No Point, WA.

The Plastic Bottle Cap

by Liesl Clark Don’t get me wrong. In creating the piece of art above, my intention was not to entice you to drink more water from plastic so you can collect bottle caps. It’s to make you feel as sick as I did when I realized my children’s toes were wriggling not in sand on […]

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Trying to Extract Jelly Beans, One-at-a-Time, Out of the Useless Bottle Cap, Rim, and Plastic Bag Thingy

DIY Busters: Plastic Bottle Cap, Rim, and Plastic Bag Thingy = Useless

Here’s a DIY we tested, along with our verdict. Today I thought I’d try my hand at a popular DIY project that many have touted as a wonderful kitchen solution to seal a plastic bag. It’s that plastic bottle cap, bottle rim and plastic bag thingy that you see pinned all over Pinterest. Now, I’m […]

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