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25 Super Silica Gel Reuses

By Liesl Clark Silica gel is one of those little-understood materials. Although the little silica gel packets say “Do Not Eat, Throw Away” that doesn’t mean you have to follow this misguided advice and think the little gels are poisonous. You’ve likely unknowingly put some in your mouth already or rubbed it all over your […]

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50 Things You Never Need to Buy

By Liesl Clark A couple weeks ago, we posted 10 items we no longer buy and have had a resounding response. Well, they were actually 20 items, since the original list of 10 came from Suburban Pioneers. We’ve decided to up the ante and compile a list of 50 items you could cross off your […]

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Trash Hacker: Thirteen Important Reuses for Silica Gel

by Liesl Clark If you’re hesitant to handle silica gel because the packets say “Do Not Eat,” don’t be deterred. Silica gel is perceived by many to be a poison, yet it’s non-toxic. The Carolina Poison Center, for example, has this to say about silica gel: “The gels are a form of silicic acid, which […]

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