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Off The Grid Toast

The Stovetop Toaster You Always Wanted By Liesl Clark Our toaster oven stopped working last week and coincidentally I found a camp stove toaster a day later. I’ve wanted one of these for years. They’re the foldable lightweight stovetop toasters that enable you to toast your bread right over your burner. Coleman makes them and […]

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DIY Buckets

By Liesl Clark Like planters, anything that can hold things can be a bucket: The Pressure Cooker Bucket: This cow feeds from the bottom half of a pressure cooker. It’s a perfect feed pail for a dusty paddock. The Feed Sack Bucket: These handmade horse feeders from Upper Mustang, Nepal come from apricot sacks of […]

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Zero Waste = More Joy

by Liesl Clark We’d like to introduce a new series of articles, breaking down how to move to a zero waste lifestyle in simple, concrete steps. But before we get into the how-to, we want to touch on the why. Why would you want to consume less and produce less waste? Take your pick of […]

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