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8 Onion Skin Uses

By Liesl Clark Just like garlic skins, onion skins have some unique uses. They’ve even been touted as the new “superfood!” After reading our select list, if you’re looking for ways to get your hands on onion skins, just collect them with a few onions at your local store. They’re always in the bin with […]

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DIY Sun Hat

Ever find yourself stranded out on a hot sunny day without a sun hat? Here’s a trash hack we saw in Nepal, in the town of Dumre, worn by a construction worker. Find a square piece of cardboard from a box, approximately 15″ X 15″. In the center, cut out an oval shape a little […]

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DIY Buckets

By Liesl Clark Like planters, anything that can hold things can be a bucket: The Pressure Cooker Bucket: This cow feeds from the bottom half of a pressure cooker. It’s a perfect feed pail for a dusty paddock. The Feed Sack Bucket: These handmade horse feeders from Upper Mustang, Nepal come from apricot sacks of […]

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