We’re excited to share our Trash Backwards web app with the world. Here’s a short guided tour to help you get the most from each visit.

You can use our curated searchable database to find reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-think solutions for items of all sorts. Each of the links in our database has been mindfully selected to take you straight to the best information for your item or action.

Trash Backwards’ app connects you with current recycling information, Do It Yourself reuse and upcycle tutorials that are easy to follow, reliable articles and infographics, upcycled products and durable alternatives to common single-use plastics, and links to non-profits and other groups who will benefit greatly from the stuff you’re done with.

Trash Backwards Web App Home Page

  • Choose your region from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner. If you don’t see your county or city listed, stick with our default view and peruse the solutions we’ve amassed for users all over the United States. If you’d like to see your region added, let us know! We’re working with municipalities, recycling and zero waste groups, and individuals around the globe to add new hyper-local regions.

Choose Your Region

  • Type in an item that you’d like to get rid of, an item you’d like to reuse, or an item you’d like to make from reused materials. Select your item from the drop-down menu to populate the search box.

Select Which Sort of Results You’d Like to See – “Get Rid of It” or “Reuse It”

  • Select which sort of results you’d like to see, “Get Rid of It” or “Reuse It.” 

Some “Get Rid of It” results for Plastic Bottle Caps

  • Get Rid of It will show you links to local, national, and international recycling options for your item, non-profits and other organizations that would like to give your item a new life, and businesses or groups who will pay you for your item.

Some “Reuse It” Results for Plastic Bottle Caps

  • Reuse It will show you links to Do It Yourself upcycling projects that reuse your item, tutorials that teach you how to make the item you’re interested in from reused and upcycled materials, and fix-it tips to rejuvenate your item whenever possible. You’ll also find links to articles and infographics with reliable information about the life cycle of your item and tips to help you avoid having to throw it out in the future.

Click Here for Reduce-Reuse-Rethink Inspiration

Don’t have a specific item in mind? Looking for inspiration to help you gain control over all of the stuff in your life and your wastebaskets? Don’t worry about the search box, give our “Get Inspired” area a try! 

  • Get Inspired will bring you to our lifestyle home page, where you’ll find a featured reuse solution and the contents of our curated database organized by categories such as Adventure & Sport, Farm & Garden, and Trash Hacks.

Get Inspired Home Page

  • Click on a category that interests you and find inspiration in the wide range of reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-think solutions that pop up.

Trash Hack Inspiration

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