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7 May, 2013 — Our New “Fix It” Button

The Green "Fix It" Button at Trash Backwards

The Green “Fix It” Button at Trash Backwards

Need a quick tool to show you how to fix common things in your home, office, or backyard? Trash Backwards now has a “Fix It” button you can click on, to learn how to fix the many items in your life. Fixing things that have broken extends their life and usually saves you money.

Click Through for Alarm Clock Fixes at Trash Backwards

Click Through for Alarm Clock Fixes at Trash Backwards

We have a lot of great “Fix It” solutions already in place, but if you have your own to suggest, submit your own fixes via our easy-to-use “add solution” button. Crowd-sourcing the many fixes we can do to our stuff will mean we can collectively create the best resource around for reducing, reusing, rethinking and REPAIRING the stuff in our lives.

Enjoy the many “Fix It” hacks in our app and help us spread the word about this amazing tool!


29 April, 2013 — Social Sharing on Each Trash Backwards Solution

Social media sharing buttons have been implemented on each solution in our database so you can share great reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink ideas with your social networks. What better way to “be the change” than to help spread the good ideas around the world. As a social enterprise, Trash Backwards is all about changing human behavior so that we can reverse the impact we’re having on our planet.

Help us teach others how to leave no trace by sharing the ideas you love at Trash Backwards. Sharing a beautiful image or inspirational idea in our app is now easier than ever:

New social media buttons are now just above each Trash Backwards solution. Use them!

New social media buttons are now just above each Trash Backwards solution. Use them!


24 April, 2013 — New App Home Page and Getting Closer to Mobile Optimization!

New App Home Page at Trash Backwards

New App Home Page at Trash Backwards

You’ll notice some changes going on at Trash Backwards and they’re all due to our increase in traffic, our users’ interest in bringing our own content to the forefront more clearly, and…a mobile-friendly app! You can now use our app confidently with your mobile device. It’s also easier for you to click through to our original articles in our magazine-format home page and search for specific topics you might be interested in. At you can still do your item search at the upper left hand corner of our app home page and hit the “Reuse It,” “Get Rid of It,” or “Make It” button. You can also just hit the “Get Inspired” button to browse for reduce, reuse, and recycle solutions by a particular category of your choice, like “Farm and Garden.” See it all for yourself at


18th February – New Trash Backwards Logo


Our new UI designer, Molly O’Hara, has reused our original trash lettering logotype to create a new logo header for our sites. The original “Trash Backwards” was spelled out by our co-founder, Liesl Clark, using plastic pollution she reclaimed from her own backyard and a local beach. We loved our trashy letters, but they weren’t always easy to read or translate into various platforms and file types. Molly has reused our already-reused letters once again, with the help of open source software (we love crowdsourcing in all its forms), to create a more responsive logo header.  Check it out at our web app and here at our original content blog and let us know what you think!


6 February 2013 – Crowdsourcing Form Updated


The world needs your reduce-reuse-rethink ideas, so we’ve just made it easier for you to share them via our Trash Backwards crowdsourcing form. Click on “Add Solution” in the top task red bar when you’re in our web app and fill in the pertinent fields. We’ve added a short explanation of how each bit of shared information is used after you click “submit.”

You can share your own original ideas, from simple one-step trash hacks to full DIY upcycling tutorials, links to your own blog posts, articles, or films. You can also share links to great tips and information you’ve come across anywhere on the web or in the world – The information you send us will help us track down the creators of these resources so we can credit them fully and help others connect with their solutions.

If you know of an organization that upcycles or reuses materials of any kind, you can share that with us so we can share their contact information and wish list with everyone else in that organization’s region, be it international, hyper-local, or something in between.

Give it a try today! The more reduce, reuse, and rethink solutions we share with each other, the better for all of us and our lovely earth.


Trash Backwards home page update Dec 11 2012

Updated Home Page

Home Page Navigation

Thanks to our beta testers, we’ve been learning about what works and what could use some improvement. Starting today, our UI navigation should be a bit easier for everyone, whether you’re visiting for the first time or coming back to get solutions for a specific item.

Our “Get Inspired’ button will be more clearly separated from our “Name Your Trash – Get Rid of It or Reuse It” search function. We know it’s been frustrating for those users who enter an item into the search box then click on “Get Inspired” hoping for item-specific results. We have two distinct sections to our app: Our “Get Inspired” area has curated collections of links grouped by lifestyle category, while our “Name Your Trash” area allows people to search for solutions for specific items of trash that they’d like to either Get Rid Of or Reuse.

With today’s update, including new explanatory text, visual cues, and back-end connections, it should be much easier for our community to find the sort of information they’re looking for, be it general inspiration or item-specific solutions.

Trash Backwards comment, like, did it December 2012

New Expanded Solution View with Comments, Likes, and “Did Its”

Ability to Share Comments, Likes, and “Did Its”

We’ve added an expanded view of each solution in our database, complete with space for comments, a “Like” button and a “Did It” button. This will allow you to share your feelings for the solutions you see, and to indicate which ones you’ve put into action. This will in turn help us calculate how much trash our community is diverting from landfills, incinerators, and oceans, and back into use.

You can also subscribe to any solution to receive email updates when someone comments. You might want to do this for solutions that are from your blog or website so you can monitor what people are saying about your reduce, reuse, recycle ideas. If your idea isn’t in our database yet, submit it using the “Add Solution” button at the top of each page.

To access this new view, just click on any solution, whether you’re looking at search results for a particular item, or browsing the curated, themed collections in our “Get Inspired” area.

Please give our updates a try and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about your experiences using both the “Get Inspired” and “Name Your Trash” areas.  We’re looking forward to seeing which solutions you like and which ones you’ve put into practice, and to reading your comments.

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  1. July 29, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    We just found Trash Backwards today and love all the ideas! I have been looking for the SmartPhone app though and can’t find it. Is it just a web-based app for now? We are writing a blog post on “green apps” and would love to include you!

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